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Mental health and women in the film industry – The Refuge

You would think by now gender equality would exist across all industries, but there seem to be more top-earning company CEO’s called John than there are women, and the pattern continues in the creative field as the film industry sees a drop in female directors, making up just 7% of all directors on the top 250 films. […]


Fashion’s Favourite App

Instagram has hands down transformed the fashion industry, we’re annoyed at the changing algorithm and the growing number or unoriginal accounts, but the truth is Instagram is a haven for creatives. The app is our linked in equivalent and a directory to find our next collaboration. The opportunities available on Instagram became apparent when we […]

4 things you need to start a business

So you want to start a fashion business? The rules of business are always the same, it involves an exchange of a product or service, usually for money. Whether you want to be a fashion designer selling designs or clothes, or provide a service like a PR company, magazine or charity, there are 4 things […]


WATCH: Branding Top Tips

August was all about branding. That word that’s always thrown around to the point where it could mean anything. So we asked 3 speakers to set things straight and share the tools needed to groom a new brand,  especially in fashion. On the stage we had Dines creative director at Blup Studios who have worked with large fashion brands […]


Work out your brand essence in 10 minutes

What do we mean when we say brand essence? It’s been described as the heart and soul of the brand. It’s the stuff that makes clients remember you and it’s the characteristics that make you different. That fuzzy thing all brands must have to prove they are for people. Our branding event in August asked everyone […]


Branding Fashion: Meet the panelists

There’s less than a week to go before we sit down with our 3 panelists and talk about what branding really is, especially for a fashion business that’s here to make a change. We found that the best and most informative talks are given by speakers who are still going through the hustle of running […]

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